140 Jackson Street


Postal Address:

PO Box 27-128

Marion Square 6141


Telephone: 04 576 0002


We are a great choice for those who wish to cater for large groups, as we can seat up to 200 people at a time.

And the secret to our success?  The food is always fresh and tasty.  We are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.  The owners Mukesh and Varsha are proud to say that the majority of the staff working for us at present have been here since we took over in 2002, and we have fantastic relationships with our customers and are proud of the great service which we provide.

 All the favourites such as roasts meats, carved ham, seafood and mouth-watering desserts are still available and we have added a few more specialty dishes, so although Valentines was traditionally viewed as a family-focussed restaurant, with the new extended buffet offering we believe the appeal is now much wider.  We think it will satisfy a wide variety of tastes, meeting the needs of mums, dads, senior citizens and of course our dessert bar is a haven for kids – both big and small!



Valentines Restaurants have long been considered a favourite for those who enjoy a quality family buffet, and Team Petone actively competes to be one of the best in the franchised chain.  Originally opened in 1995, Valentines was relocated to Jackson Street with an expansion and upgrade of the kitchen means an extended menu selection is now available.


PLEASE NOTE: We are closed for both lunch and dinner on Monday.



All Adults  

Gold Card Holders

Tues - Fri




All Adults 

Gold Card Holders

Sat - Sun

Sat - Sun





All Adults

Gold Card Holders

Tues - Sun






Age Price

   1   $1.50

   2   $3.00 

   3   $4.50

   4   $6.00

   5   $7.50

   6   $9.00

   7   $10.50

   8   $12.00

   9   $13.50

   10   $15.00

   11   $16.50

   12   $18.00

Our prices are $19.90 for lunch and $29.90 for dinner.  Children are priced $1.50 per year of age 1 up to age 12.  We have a fully stocked bar with a wide range of beverages at very good prices, and also a discreet 18 machine gaming lounge.

So what are you waiting for?  Come down and see us!


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